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For High School Students


Confirmation is a 2-yr program that begins in 9th grade. Those seeking Confirmation must attend both years.


Introduction to Catholicism – The Didache Series

  • Confirmation I – Grade 9
  • Confirmation II – Grade 10


Introduction to Catholicism is the first book in the Didache Series: “What does it mean to be Catholic?” In this comprehensive introduction to the Catholic faith, the authors explain topics such as, the universal call to holiness, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Sacraments, prayer, and many other topics. The Didache Series teaches the tenets of the Church in a comprehensible, accessible way. This series is designed for high school students, but could easily be used for adults.


For those older than High School


If you are an adult who has been baptized Catholic but did not receive the sacrament of Confirmation, our adult classes will begin Thursday, Jan 4, 2018. Classes meet every Thursday night at the Holy Family Center.


If you want to get confirmed before your wedding, or you put it off because you were not ready, we offer you this class to prepare you for the sacrament of Confirmation.  Our class is a thirteen-plus week course covering the major aspects of Catholicism and includes a special focus on the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Call to Holiness. Those wishing to participate are asked to contact Fr. Dominic David or Toni Berkenbush at 276-3455.  You must present proof of Baptism and First Holy Communion during registration.



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